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On the 4th floor of a traditional Hamra building rests LaLaQueen's very quaint atelier. As you step into the foyer, you are met with brilliant sunlight bursting through the windows and notice that the main room breaks out into three other rooms. Sally Sarieddine immediately greets us and asks us if we want to drink some fresh lemonade (yes, please!). Sally is the designer for LaLaQueen - a Lebanon-born brand specializing in handmade leather handbags. She goes on to show us around the atelier and explains that each room has been carefully designed to set the tone of its purpose.

The main office is dominated by a high and long wooden table - a beautiful creative mess - topped with leather samples, laptops, mood board cutouts and even a vase with bright orange and pink flowers. The meeting room is very succinct: four traditional dining chair tables, each pair facing each other and a closet at the wall showcasing some designs. The third room is open and spacious, with all walls fitted to showcase each collection.

Each design by Sally is limited and unique - and as she puts it - 'these bags are designed for women with rich souls and magical hearts'. We couldn't have put it better. [rhtwpp-selection id=98]

Get to know another side of Sally Sarieddine, the designer behind LaLaQueen.

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1. What is your single biggest design inspiration?

Nature, the complex, the simple, and how they all work together. My inspirations come from an abstract place in my mind. I do my best to translate my abstract thoughts to things I can relate to, to make a story I can make sense of.


2. Person whose closet you’d most like to raid?

I have a tendency to go into my mothers closet quite often. I like mixing and matching. Hmmm… I don’t know if I should say this but I also visit my brothers' closets when I’m running errands and in the mood for big pants or shorts.

IMG-20140901-WA0005 Now, if I had a time travel machine I would like to go back in time and take a peek at Sophia Loren’s closet. I like how she layers bits of sensuality with uncommon grace and maturity.


3. Biggest fashion regret?

No regrets, only lessons. I tend to be experimental with my styling, and usually I get comments like “only you can pull this off”. At one point when I was living in London I used to walk with all the colors of the universe on me.

colors of the universe

4. Theme song to your life?

Alanis Morissette “All I Really Want” from the classical albums of all times “Jagged Little Pill” I love how she shared her journey, her heart and soul with her audience. To me it was real and I connected with her back in the good old days. Listening to her today makes me feel “good” when the weather is “foggy, cloudy with heavy rains” in my head.

5. Dream dinner guest, living or not?

The blue Genie from Aladdin. Going on a magic carpet ride around the world would be fun.

magic carpet

6. Worst vice?

I can be distracted...easily. I do my best to stay focused and on track; however, if something still manages to distract me then I think it’s worth my time.














7. Secret talent?

I don’t cook often but when I do I cook really well. My specialty would have to be grilling fish and exotic salads. exotic salad

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