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If you don't know Krikor Jabotian yet, you have got to get out from under that rock.

If you do, well, you must be able to imagine how ecstatic we were when he ever-so-kindly gave us his time for a long chat and our 7 Questions.

A Little About Krikor Jabotian


Krikor is an ESMOD graduate who began working at Elie Saab’s creative department before stepping out to start creating his own designs. He was then selected by Starch Foundation in the very first year it launched, to showcase his work. It was the first collection he designed under his own name, marking the beginning of his independent career. He set up his own atelier at the young age of 23, back in 2009.

Just five years later, Krikor flourished to become a wildly popular and successful Lebanese couture fashion designer, raking in clients across the entire region including Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia and the UAE. But that's not nearly enough for him, he tells us. In his mind he has less than two years (before the big 30) to cross an even bigger milestone. Driven much?

Interestingly so, Krikor describes himself as meticulous perfectionist - a character trait he developed back in school out of a determination to prove to everyone who wasn't so nice to him, that he was going to make something out of himself. Winners will be winners. He makes it his business to get involved in everything that happens in the atelier. Krikor delegates responsibility to his team, but makes sure to have the final say. That's what we like to call good quality control.

Krikor's Next Move

At this point in his career, Krikor is looking to get into Pret-a-Porter (music to our ears!). He's currently studying the whole situation trying to figure out how to tackle moving into that side of the business from the conceptual point of view, pricing strategy, production locations, how to position the lines, how to market them, and so forth.

Krikor's Atelier

A peek into his private workspace.
















7 Questions With Krikor Jabotian

1. Biggest design inspiration?

My inspiration starts with a woman's body. During the process of conceiving a dress I always have her body in mind. After all every piece is designed to fit and complement a specific woman.


2. Person whose closet you’d most like to raid?

Anna Dello Russo, who keeps a separate apartment in Milan just for storage. It’s a playground of all sorts!


3. Biggest fashion regret?

I went through a tribal phase when I was in my first year of fashion school. It was pretty bad but part of who I was at the time so I wouldn’t change it.



4. Theme song to your life?

Barbara - Moi, Je Me Balance. She’s independent, freely indulging, and living her life with no inhibitions.

5. Dream dinner guest, living or not?

Suzy Menkes. Who is a great reference and I’m sure would have the best advice to give. The drinks could be accompanied with a little raillery of the fashion industry too.


6. Worst vice?



7. Secret talent?

Singing but only in the privacy of my own bathroom.

(Okay, it's not Krikor, but it's pretty hilarious catching someone singing in the bathroom.)

Christmas Special: 3 Additional Questions

8. What's the worst Christmas gift ever received?

Mankouché from my Secret Santa at my first job.


9. What's the worst Christmas gift you've ever given?

I take gift-giving very seriously, otherwise I would rather not gift at all.


10. What gift are you secretly wishing for this Christmas?

A 1.5 carat diamond earring.

earringss copy

Bonus Feature: 3 Things We Bet You Didn't Know About Krikor Jabotian

1. His dad is a jeweler.

2. When Krikor first pierced his ear, his dad wasn't happy about it. And when he saw that Krikor's earring wasn't real jewelry, he became even more angry, so he gave him a fine jewelry earring.

3. That earring once belonged to Sabah.


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