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7 Questions With The Mukhi Sisters

Fashion scene

Get to know another side of Mukhi Sisters. IMG_2532 1. What is the Mukhi Sisters's single biggest design inspiration?

Cave of Ali Baba, aka Effy’s Jewelry Safe


2. Person whose closet you’d most like to raid?

Maya: Not a closet but a store, Piaff

Meena: Jennifer Lopez

Zeenat: Gwen Stefani


3. Biggest fashion regret?

Maya: Buying a paillette dress. Five people were wearing the same at an event

Meena: No regrets

Zeenat: Not going all goth and experimenting with looks


4. Theme song to your life?

Meena: Beautiful Life by Ocean’s Four

Zeenat and Maya: That’s a difficult question. Both of us are Aquarius, so every moment of every day has a theme song


5. Dream dinner guest, living or not?

Maya: Mahatma Gandhi

Meena: Michael Jackson

Zeenat: Lady Gaga and Steve Jobs


6. Worst vice?

Maya: Technology challenged

Meena: Short-tempered

Zeenat: Lazy


7. Secret talent?

Meena: Getting out of a problem – even if it’s my fault

Maya: I give good relaxing massages!

Zeenat: That’s why it’s a secret :)

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