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We were really happy to finally visit Roula Dfouni in her workspace, quietly tucked away in a Mansourieh apartment. We met Roula before we launched Raghunter and never had the chance to hang out at her space - being there reminded us just how nice it is to get away from the city.

Roula designs handcrafted contemporary jewelry made of black and white oxidized silver sterling with a touch of rough, uncut colored gemstones. Her work is largely inspired by geometric forms - our favourite pieces being her stackable rings, a few of them which we even snagged for ourselves. You may know her by her former brand name, Satish, which she created in 2009. Looking back at everything she accomplished in that time, she felt the brand had grown up and evolved and proceeded to rebrand into 'Roula Dfouni'. It's so wonderful to see fashion brands grow from scratch and progress through time.

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1. What is your single biggest design inspiration? AD: Architecture Digest Magazine. I was always drawn to Architecture magazines, sites, pictures and anything that is related to construction. It intrigues me to see how the final result will come out from putting different geometrical shapes all together. arch

2. Person whose closet you’d most like to raid? Vivienne Westwood. Can’t believe this woman, she’s amazing! I love her style and the combination of colors and textile that she uses in her collections. For me she’s very geometrical in her way ;) I always tell my friends that if I become like her, famous at 60, that means I succeeded in this business! 2-_closet_raid_

3. Biggest fashion regret? That I was stupid enough not to follow Fashion Design studies when I was still in my 20's! Well like they say: it’s never too late! fas

4. Theme song to your life? Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! I’m not only a huge fan of all Disney movies; I think I saw Mary Poppins more that 50 times since I was 10 years old, and I’m still stuck at that age!

5. Dream dinner guest, living or not? Audrey Hepburn. We used to sit, my mom and I, every night and watch one of her movies. That always brings out lots of wonderful memories for me. She started from being a great actress, to a fashion icon. Then she left all this fame to be the ambassador of UNICEF. I would love to have a chit-chat with her, who wouldn’t! 5-_Audrey_Hepburn

6. Worst vice? I talk too much! How can I explain it, I give a lot of details when I tell a story. You need to simply bear with me! if

7. Secret talent? I didn’t discover it yet! But don’t think will share it if I do because it won’t be a secret anymore.

(And here's a totally random secret talent of Daniel Radcliffe, courtesy of The Raghunter Team)


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