8 of The Best Wedding Planners in Beirut


If you have a wedding later on this year, two of the first things you think about are your wedding dress and your wedding planner.

Finding the right wedding planner is similar to finding the right dress - you need to find 'the one' which you know is a right fit for you. The wedding planner will be involved in every detail of the wedding and will make it flow seamlessly. It will basically feel like you, your spouse and wedding planner are conjointly getting married.

We did some research ourselves to see what you could find regarding wedding planners in Beirut, and there are close to zero reliable search results that pop up online. We figured that the best thing we could do would be to ask our family, closest friends, and friends of friends, which wedding planners they worked with themselves. We heard these 8 names pop up as some of the best wedding planners based in Beirut.

Here they are listed in alphabetical order. Hope this helps you out!

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Caracter Events

Caracter Events is most recently best known for planning Lana El Sahely's (of L'Armoire de Lana) grand wedding at Biel.


Caracter was founded and established by Alain Hadife and Danielle Mallat in 1998, and has been organizing weddings in Beirut ever since. We always hear great things about this company.

Hadife Building, Nejib Trad St, Sursock Quarter, Achrafieh, Beirut | Tel: +961 1 337117 | Email: | Caracter Events Website

Level by Toni Breiss

Toni Breiss's career began in Paris after earning a masters degree in Hotel Management, followed by a Luxury Marketing MBA, and seasoned with experience in luxury hotels in Paris. He opened a wedding planning company there, soon after which he returned to Beirut to open a branch here.


We saw Toni's work first-hand when he was organizing a family member's wedding, and we can attest that the overall experience was really fantastic. He puts the bride and groom's vision first, he is open to all ideas, he's an excellent executor and most of all when he really thinks something won't work, he will say it. You don't want a wedding planner just agreeing to everything you say.

3rd Floor, Yared Building, Al Jamarek Street, Saifi, Beirut | Tel: +961 1 444 900 / +961 1 580 440 | Level by Toni Breiss Website

Matisse Events

Matisse Events claim to have a "reputation for bold and ground breaking events. Each one of them is treated as an opportunity to create something entirely new, tailored to the identity and vision of our clients."

We personally attended a family member's day wedding organized by Matisse, and it was really beautiful. We also heard that it's a pleasure to work with them.


Ground Floor, Dagher Building, Pasteur Street, Gemmayzeh, Beirut | Tel: +961 1 570 750 | Email: | Matisse Events Website

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Neiman Azzi

Neiman Azzi is one of the wedding planner names that popped up a lot. We weren't able to find much about him online but we did hear that he will pull off one hell of a wedding event.

neiman azzi

Ground Floor, Acra Building, Rue du Liban, Tabaris, Beirut | Tel: +961 3 600162 | Email: | Neiman Azzi Website

Once by Ziad Nassar

Once by Ziad Nassar is a wedding events company that has presence in both the KSA and Lebanon. They have organized over 60 royal weddings, so you can count on the fact that they know luxury and opulence when it comes to planning a wedding.


4th floor, Tabco Bldg, Daouk Street, Downtown, Beirut | Tel: +961 1 377840 | | Once by Ziad Nassar Website

Paul Nasr

Paul Nasr launched in Beirut in 2007 and has since been organizing top notch weddings. Take a look through the image gallery on the website to get a better idea of what they've done before. Everything looks quite impressive.

paul nasr

6th Floor, Samaha Center, Gemmayzeh, Beirut | Tel: +961 3 982086 | Email: | Paul Nasr Website

Weddings "R" Us by Ghada Blanco

Weddings "R" Us by Ghada Blanco is an established name in the industry and has been featured in the press quite a lot for her work.


1st Floor, Yazbek Building, Jdeideh | Tel: +961 1 897 889 | Email: | Weddings "R" Us Facebook Page

Weddings for Life

Weddings for Life are one of the first and most well-known wedding planners based in Beirut. Established by Rayya & Mayya Zahlan in 2002, they've extended their services over the years to Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, Egypt, Syria, Greece, Cyprus, The Mauritius Islands & more.


Address: Phoenicia Street, Yassine Bldg, 1st floor, Beirut | Tel: +9611362326 | Email: | Website | Facebook Page

Good luck!


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  • Ralph Nader

    You have to make them 8. Weddings 4 Life is one of the oldest and best wedding planning company in Lebanon and the Middle East. Do your search and ask around, I’m sure they will mention Weddings 4 Life to you.

  • Serene Abbas

    Hey Ralph, we will add that to the list.