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7 Celebrity Halloween Make-Up Tutorials - by MAC Cosmetics


Halloween is a night to transform yourself into whatever or whomever you want to be: a witch, Wonder Woman, Miley Cyrus, a zombie, or Katy Perry.

If you've already done the scary make-up look last year you're looking to doll yourself up this year, then you should consider a celebrity make-up transformation.

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We teamed up with MAC Cosmetics (absolute excitement!) who sent us 7 exclusive celebrity make-up looks that you can re-create at home using MAC products. When you click on the below you will have access to your own personal PDF that you can print and use for later.

Each Celebrity Make-Up Look Contains:

1. The original photo of the make-up look to achieve 2. A Facechart drawn by the MAC Cosmetics team highlighting the designated make-up areas on the face as well as the colors to be used 3. A Selection of MAC Cosmetics products that you will need to create that look

Click the below photo to get access to your own personal guide for all 7 looks: read it, save it, print it.


If you do one of these make-up looks, don't forget to send us a photo to and we will add it to this feature for other people to see how it's done.

Happy Halloween!



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