5 Places I Recommend You Get a Tattoo in Beirut


Everyone who knows me knows how much I LOVE tattoos, so I was selected to write this article for all you peeps out there who are thinking about getting one in Beirut.

What started as a tribal habit, and later a mark of slavery, has become today a widespread thing. Whether to immortalise someone, show love and appreciation to your family, best friends and lovers, or simply to rebel against your parents (I’m looking at you 16 year olds), there’s a long list of reasons why you would choose to get inked. However, you should keep in mind that tattoos are a lifetime commitment, so it’s not a decision to be taken lightly.

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I got my first one a little bit over two years ago, and now I’m at the 6th, and planning the 7th, 8th, 20th… (they’re highly addictive). However, you can’t get a tattoo anywhere. Not only because it’s permanent and you don’t want to end up with a botched job, but you also need to find a tattoo place that is super clean and takes tattooing hygiene very seriously.

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If you want to get a tattoo anytime soon, I know a thing or two about where to get it done here. Here is a list of some of the most talented tattoo artists that I recommend here Beirut, tried and tested by myself and my friends. Find them listed in alphabetical order according the artist's names.

Don't miss my extra section at the end: "Quick Tips Before, During and After Getting a Tattoo"!

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5 Great Tattoo Places I Recommend in Beirut

Important note: they all require appointments so make sure to book yours before going.

1 // Morbid Tattoo by Ahmad Jomaa

While I’ve never got any ink done by Ahmad Jomaa (so far), many of my friends have (and they’re just as experienced, if not more). Ahmad is not your typical tattoo artist, I mean he doesn’t just print the picture you got off Google images and ink it into your skin. He likes to develop your idea, to create something unique and customized to your taste.

First you’ll start by having an enjoyable conversation about what you like, what tattoo you want and why. He then creates a simulation on his computer to show you what the outcome might look like on your skin. He’ll advise you on the aesthetics and add his personal touch to make your tattoo one of a kind and personal.

Prices depend on how much he likes you and how cool your tattoo idea is. Though you’ll find that Ahmad is affordable compared to tattoo artists of his caliber. If you’re going for something artistic and personalized, Ahmad’s the man.

My friend's tattoo done by Ahmad Jomaa My friend's tattoo done by Ahmad Jomaa

Address: Artscape, Makhoul Street, Hamra, Beirut, Lebanon | Tel: +961 71 55 30 16 | Visit His Facebook Page | Instagram: @morbid_cabinet

2 // American Body Art

American Body Art is famous tattoo and piercing parlor. With two artists at hand, Jean-Claude and Mac, the place is always packed. I got two tattoos there, my very first one and another one later on, both done by Jean-Claude. The people working there are extremely nice and friendly, you’ll feel more like you’re at home or at your friend’s rather than at a tattoo parlour. If it’s your first time getting tattoo, Jad, the cashier and the one who usually pastes the design on you, will most likely pull a prank on you (don’t fall for it!).

The prices are fair, with a $55 minimum charge. The tattooing process was very quick, each took 5 minutes, however because of the place’s commotion, you might have to wait some time before your turn.

My first tattoo. Cost $66. My first tattoo. Cost $65.

My second tattoo at American Body Art by Jean Claude. Cost $55. My second tattoo at American Body Art by Jean Claude. Cost $55.

Friend's tattoo done by Jean Claude at American Body Art. Cost $175. Friend's tattoo done by Jean Claude at American Body Art. Cost $175.

Friend's tattoo by Jean Claude. Cost $350. Friend's tattoo by Jean Claude. Cost $350.

Address: Virgin Building, Ground Floor, Martyr's Square, Downtown, Beirut, Lebanon | Tel: +961 3 669 777 or +961 1 983 801 | Visit Their Website | Visit Their Facebook Page | Instagram: @americanbodyartlebanon

3 // Pure Vision Tattoos by David Der Yeghiayan

I learned about David from a friend who recommended him and he did my latest tattoo. When I first got there, I sat down with David and we worked on the font I wanted - we fixed it together so it looked exactly as I had in mind. Then he printed out several sizes and helped me pick the perfect one that would work best with my (very skinny) arms. Initially I wanted the tattoo to be smaller, but David convinced me with going a bit bigger, and the result was amazing. This one however took the longest, around two hours and a half, because it's relatively bigger than my other ones and I wanted the lines to be very thin. He also likes to play music while doing the tattoo so you can relax and he can concentrate!

I recommend David to those of you who want thin lines and from some of the work I’ve seen by him, for those who want colored tattoos. However he doesn’t do finger tattoos because he doesn't like them (though I disagree, but I appreciate an artist who has an opinion about the tattoo you want to get).

His prices are good and fair.

My tattoo by David. Cost $150. My tattoo by David. Cost $150.

Address: Chalet Suisse, Jdeideh Tower, 2nd Floor, Jdeideh, Beirut, Lebanon | Tel: +961 3 449 118 | Visit His Facebook Page | Instagram: @david.purevisiontattoos

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4 // In II Skin by George Habib

I got my finger tattoo at In II Skin by George. While many say that finger tattoos hurt the most or among the most, mine was easy, quick and a bearable pain. Usually tattoo artists trace the design you have and then just paste it on you. Just like Ahmad Jomaa, George doesn’t copy/paste the tattoo design. He directly drew on my finger the thunderbolt I wanted and then tattooed it which saves up a lot of time.

His prices are affordable and fair.

My finger tattoo. Cost $50. My finger tattoo. Cost $50.

Friend's tattoo. Cost $50. Friend's tattoo. Cost $50.

Friend's tattoo. Cost $50. Friend's tattoo. Cost $50.

Tattoo by George Habib Tattoo by George Habib

Address: Monte Libano Center, 1st Floor, Jdeideh, Beirut, Lebanon | Tel.: +961 3 228 591 | Visit His Facebook Page

5 // Skin Deep by Hady Beydoun

Hady Beydoun doesn’t need an introduction. As one of the first and most famous tattoo artists in the country, Beydoun is an accomplished man who doesn’t have experiences in just tattoos, but also in sculpting, graphic design and graffiti, among other things. His work is displayed throughout his parlour. I got two of my tattoos there and the whole process took about an hour, an hour and a half, including choosing the perfect font, size and place. The tattooing was easy and quick. If you want to get a complicated tattoo like a portrait or a drawing, you should definitely go to Hady Beydoun (make sure to check the sick view from his balcony!).

He can be a bit pricey compared to other artists.

My tattoo by Hady. Cost $100. My tattoo by Hady. Cost $100.

My other tattoo by Hady. Cost $100. My other tattoo by Hady. Cost $100.

Friend's tattoo. Cost $200. Friend's tattoo. Cost $200.

Tattoo by Hady. Tattoo by Hady Beydoun

Address: Mallah Center Roof, 12th Floor, Jal El Dib Roundabout, Jal El Dib, Beirut, Lebanon | Tel.: +961 3 689 466 | Visit His Website | Visit His Facebook Page | Instagram: @hadybeydoun

Quick Tips Before, During and After Getting a Tattoo

1. Be sure that you want to get a tattoo. Tattoos are cool and fun and rebellious, but they’re permanent.

2. Go with a friend or a relative or even take in some music, especially if it’s your first, so that you can relax.

3. Always do your research about the tattoo artist you choose, whether you got their name from here or elsewhere, so that you see if you like his style of work.

4. Have a little chat with the artist before hand, get to know them a bit and ask all the questions you have.

5. Make sure the needle used is brand new (I cannot stress this enough!!!).

6. Tattoos can be quite painful, depending on how much pain you tolerate. But if you keep stopping your artist, it’ll take longer and thus it’ll be more painful. So my suggestion is that you soldier on through it.

7. Always follow your tattoo artist’s instructions after getting inked.

As Sylvia Plath once said “Wear your heart on your skin in this life.”

Welcome to the club ;)


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