5 'It' Lebanese Girls to Follow on Instagram in 2015

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Instagram is by far one of the most popular social media tools that everyone (and their mother) is using today. Did you notice how many of your friends joined Instagram last year alone?

We for one love Instagram. Sharing snaps of what goes on in our daily lives is a very special way we can engage with all our fans. We also love scouring Instagram to find other accounts that inspire us in one way or another - you know what we are talking about: celebrity accounts, chicks that go to the gym and have killer bods, and the inspiring ladies who have a great fashion sense and exciting lifestyle snaps. Although we follow accounts from all over the world, we took a look at our favorite 'It' Lebanese Girls that we think you should follow in 2015.

They are Lebanese girls either living in Beirut or somewhere else like Paris or Dubai. Their accounts are full of action, fashion, and playfulness. We found a definition on Urban Dictionary that sums them up nicely: "an 'It' Girl is a trend-setting (in fashion, lifestyle, etc.) girl with a ton of self-confidence and self-worth that sets the example of how to have it all, and look good doing it. Her magnetism is out of control, and she leaves a lasting emotional and physical impression on everyone she encounters; she's iconic."

Big statement, big accounts to follow.

It wasn't easy, but here are our Top 5 'It' Lebanese girls to follow on Instagram in 2015, listed in alphabetical order. There's no ranking of who is the best or not, we think you should follow them all!

Dana Hourani


We are so excited to finally have Dana Hourani included in one of our top lists - we've been following her forever and are totally mad about the way she dresses. She always has an interesting way of pairing items together that is not typical. She also knows how to wear statement pieces and keep them the focus of the outfit without overwhelming it with other striking pieces. You definitely won't see many girls dressing the way she does.

Not only that, but she comes through as super cute and playful through her photos and videos she posts (here's one). Last but not least, she sings and a voice that will stop you in your tracks (see a clip here).

Can we be friends Dana? Pretty please!






Jessica Kahawaty


You can only follow Jessica Kahawaty if you are ready to absorb an absurd amount of pure gorgeousness. Seriously.

Jessica won Miss Australia in 2012 and proceeded to win second-runner up in Miss World that same year. She has since then incredible modeling jobs for brands including Maybeline, Lexus, and Pepsi. She has also worked with some of the world’s best fashion designers: Escada, Georges Chakra, Dorian Ho, Jimmy Choo and Akira. She is also currently a presenter on Yahoo Maktoob's 'omg! Now' show.

Having said all that, you can imagine how full of action her life is - and she takes you on her journey through Instagram.

Need we say more?

jessica1 copy

jessica2 copy




Nadia Mneimne


We honestly just discovered Nadia Mneimne's account recently and immediately got hooked. Nadia pulls off the casual cool look really well: ripped jeans, funky sneakers, big jackets, and red-streaked hair. We love that. She seems to be living in London, and we are totally jealous.






Samar Seraqui de Buttafoco


Samar Seraqui de Buttafoco is a Lebanese style editor and blogger who lives in Paris. Her blog is called Une Libanese a Paris, and if you don't already know it, you HAVE to check it out.

Similar to her blog, Samar's Instagram account is always fresh, vibrant, and brimming with fabulous pictures that look like could be in a Vogue photo shoot. We follow Samar pretty much everywhere and can't wait to meet her one day in person.

You'd probably identify with her if you visit Paris often or have a special love for it. Ah, Paghi.






Souraya Chalhoub


Souraya Chalhoub is another girl we recently discovered in Instagram. We were drawn to her because there's something untraditional and almost quirky about her - and it's refreshing.

She seems to have a great accessory collection, notice the earrings and the hats. Not everyone can pull them off but seeing her do it makes you feel that she totally has her own unique sense of style (and she's probably one of those girls that really doesn't care what you think). That only encourages us to try new things and experiment with our style.







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