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20 Things You Need to Know Before Traveling to Ibiza


(Updated as of July 2017)

Alright, if you're not going to Ibiza, Mykonos or Barcelona this summer there's something wrong.

We joke, we joke. But now really, if you are going to Ibiza, we've been there a few times ourselves so we decided to share what we know about the island.

Whether you've been before or not, check out this list, there might be something you didn't know already.

Here is a list of 20 things you need to know before you go.

1. DETOX FOR A WEEK PRIOR | your body will need the rest

If you need to go out with friends on detox week, order a non-alcoholic drink. Trust us, your body will need all the rest it can get. It's only calm before the storm.


2. CHECK THE SPOTLIGHT PARTY CALENDAR | don't risk musical disappointment

Even if you don't know much about the DJs, clubs and type of music you may like, ask around. You're bound to find a friend of a friend who is an expert and will recommend what events you should go to. It's all about the music in Ibiza; you don't want to pay money and end up at a club where you are totally not feeling it.

The Ibiza Spotlight Party Calendar is perfect: it organizes the parties by date and venue and even tells you if tickets are already sold out. Also check out Resident Advisor, they have great recommendations for the best clubs and DJs to see in Ibiza.

Screen Shot 2017-07-18 at 11.54.07 AM

3. GET YOUR TRACK LIST READY | check out top track lists for Ibiza

You'll want to know what the biggest hits are going around the island, if only so you'll get an extra kick when you hear it play at one of the parties. Here is an example from Beatport for Summer 2017.

Screen Shot 2017-07-18 at 12.02.04 PM

4. PACK YOUR HOT SWIMSUITS | go all out in Ibiza!

Look all we are saying is you CAN go all out. Chances are if you're going to Ibiza, that means you've been preparing to go to Ibiza - gym anyone? If you worked hard on it, flaunt it, and there's no better place than Ibiza.



5. DRESS FOR IBIZA'S HAPPY VIBES | get colorful, fresh and fun outfits

Ibiza is the island of sun, good music, and happy people. Dig in your closet for all those fresh and fun dresses, crop tops, shorts and swimsuit covers.



Men, this one goes for you too. It may be harder to pop the fresh colors, but you can easily go into colors that are not so typical like the plums and greens. You can always go a step further and throw in a pop of color with neon-mirrored sunglasses and colored hats!


6. DO YOUR SHOPPING BEFORE IBIZA | boutiques tend to be overpriced

You will find boutiques around Ibiza here and there - there are even some at certain beaches as you enter. They may have some pretty cool beachwear, dresses, or accessories, but after being to Ibiza three times - we can safely say that boutiques are on the pricey side. If you're already on a tight budget, make sure to get all the things you need before you travel.

6 Shopping

7. GET AN INTERNATIONAL DRIVING LICENSE | you may need to be the designated driver

It's pretty ideal to rent a car or a moped while you're in Ibiza. Taxis are pretty hard to catch off the streets and are expensive as well, so you might as well get your own car. Even if you're not planning on driving, get your international driving license anyways, you never know. We usually get ours at Campus Travel next to Khoury Hospital in Hamra (the road behind Bliss Street), here's a direct link to their website telling you what you'll need to prepare to get it done.

7 Getting Around

8. EIVISSA IS THE SAME WORD AS IBIZA | but as spelled in Catalan

You'll be landing at Eivissa airport, if you've never been before, that might be a bit confusing. The word is Ibiza in Catalan - a Spanish dialect that you'll hear a lot in Barcelona.

8 ibissa

9. HAVE 3 THINGS AT ALL TIMES | Panadol, Sunblock, Hand Sanitizer

Panadol: you'll need it for hangovers.

Sunblock: we've underestimated the sun so many times that we really can't emphasize how much you'll need this.

Purell: some bathrooms are not the cleanest, make sure someone has hand sanitizer on them.


10. MAKE EFFORT TO DISCOVER THE ISLAND | Ibiza has more to offer than you think

There are so many different and beautiful beaches around the island. They are very chilled out and locals tend to go there, basically what we are trying to say is, there are other parts to Ibiza than the party scene! Enjoy it and try to ask around about cool spots.

These are real photos from one of our trips. Someone who had a house in Ibiza and knew the island well told us about these places. They were on the East coast of the island: the left is a pic from a delicious restaurant up there and on the right is one of the beaches that boasts the best sunset on the island. Seriously, people clap when the sunset is over.

10 Discover Island

11. PLAN A VISIT TO FORMENTERA | this island away from the island is the perfect mid-trip break

This is seriously how Formentera looks; it's super chilled and pretty. If you're in Ibiza for about 5 days, visit Formentera on the 3rd day as a mini-escape away from the party scene. It's a 30-minute boat ride away which you can hope on from the port area. It's really easy to get to and fro as many boats depart per day. You will need to rent a moped the second you dock in Formentera so make sure you have your international driver's license.

11 Formantera

You'll find really good restaurants and gorgeous beaches all over. We recommend Juan y Andrea below, it's SO yummy.


12. IBIZA TOWN IS WORTH A VISIT | go to bars, restaurants, and shops

The town is really pretty and it's worth popping over to take a walk around. It's definitely more touristy and you'll see all age ranges and even families there, but it's quaint and welcoming. We did that on our last day before the airport and had lunch.

Eivissa or Ibiza Town harbour Ibiza Balearic Islands Spain

12 Bars

13. CELEBRITIES LOVE IBIZA | keep your eyes open and you might catch Justin back for a revenge swing

If you're really lucky, you'll see Leonardo DiCaprio, Will Smith and Beyonce/Jay-z mixed up in the crowd. These are pics of the celebrities from this summer.


14. IBIZA HAS REALLY GOOD FOOD | you'll be pleasantly surprised

Okay, many travel destinations have great food, but for some reason we didn't assume that Ibiza would be the same. We were so impressed by how fresh and delicious the food was every time we ate somewhere. Don't miss trying some fresh seafood and of course paella.


15. LOCAL RADIO IS BANGIN' | make sure to tune in while driving around

Ibiza Global Radio and Ibiza Sonica are two of the best radio stations that play 24/7 on the radio, as well as stream live on the website and mobile apps.


16. EXPECT TIGHT SECURITY AT THE CLUBS | the scene is way more organized than you think

If you're scared that it's going to be chaotic at clubs: queuing, table service, bathroom lines, don't worry, it's pretty under control.


17. PARTIES ARE HUGE IN IBIZA | don't expect anything small or reserved

If you are the chilled type and don't like crowds of people around, you better stay back home. Expect seas of people around at all times at parties, and embrace it!


18. CLUBS DON'T FILL UP BEFORE 2AM | get some rest after dinner

At the end of the day, Ibiza is part of Spain. And if you know anything about the Spaniards, it's that they start partying late, really late. Clubs won't get full before 2am and probably even 3am. It's actually a good thing because you'll have some down time after dinner.

This is how it will look if you're there at 11pm.


19. BE READY TO SPEND MONEY | we sure hope you've saved up for the trip

Ibiza is definitely not cheap, so make sure you have a good budget set up before. Also don't forget the currency is Euros so get some exchanged before you go. Just to give you an idea, entrance tickets to the big clubs like Space and Amnesia can cost from 40 € to 80 € depending on the party. A drink at a club will cost you up to 15 €, or 10 € in Ibiza Town at one of the pre-club bars. A beer (or water) will cost you up to 12 € in a club and 6-8 € elsewhere. This is not to mention the budget you'll spend on food and your lodging.


20. A PIECE OF YOUR HEART WILL REMAIN IN IBIZA | and you'll probably want to go back next year







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