17 Popular Make-Up Artists in Lebanon


Getting professional make-up done these days in Lebanon is easier to come across than water. I personally don't do it often, but sometimes for weddings and very formal events (and when I have a little budget set aside), I do go for it!

I have my list of favorites, but I'm also always looking for new artists with a different approach to applying make-up. I thought it would be cool to compile a list of popular names to keep handy. This list was actually put together after asking all my close friends who they would personally recommend, so this is not a random listing!

In no particular order, here are of the most popular make-up artists that you can find in Lebanon. Of course you will see staple names as well as the newer names that are emerging these days. It's the perfect mix; I recommend you keep this list bookmarked.

N.B: Having professional make-up done is by no means cheap. You need to consider a budget that starts from $60 and can go up to a whopping $150.

1 // Hala Ajam


Quick Bio: "Studying the art of makeup in Beirut and Hollywood left a mark on Hala Ajam and gave birth to a rather distinctive style in her work: an inimitable Lebanese-American mélange. With her specialization in makeup for photography, TV and movies, Hala worked in a fashion photography studio in Los Angeles, California, prior to moving back to Beirut and opening her own makeup studio in Starco, Downtown. A strong believer in the power of natural beauty, and the philosophy that less is more, Ajam wants women to look like the best versions of themselves, without being influenced by something that goes against their real identity." (Sourced from Hala Ajam Website)

Contact Info: Telephone: +961 1 366008 Mobile: +961 3 679636 Address: Starco Center, Downtown, Beirut.

2 // Bassam Fattouh


Quick Bio: "Bassam Fattouh is a renowned celebrity make-up artist and international make-up artist. The choice of famous stars, high-profile women and royalty in the Middle East, Lebanon and beyond. But who is the man behind the name and what makes him who he is? Bassam is a dreamer who takes action, thinks big, dares and jumps in. A person who works with his mind, body and soul, pouring his emotion into his work. A man guided by intuition and driven by it to push boundaries. An artist in love with the powerful allure of glamour, luxury and simply nice things." (Sourced from Bassam Fattouh Website)

Contact Info: Telephone: +961 1 791021 Email: Address: Nour Al Hayat Bldg. 60 Verdun Str., Beirut - Lebanon.

3 // Fady Kataya


Quick Bio: "Fady Kataya is a renowned Lebanese makeup artist with his own signature style. A self-made creative artist who launched his career early in life, he has become synonymous with excellence over the years. Fady's outstanding talent and determination are behind his remarkable popularity with local and regional celebrities who work exclusively with him. Fady was one of the three makeup artists in the campaign “together for natural beauty”. This reflects his modern sophisticated style and goal to spread awareness about the essence of true beauty." (Sourced from Fady Kataya Website)

Contact Info: Telephone: +961 1 343404 Mobile: +961 3 689498 Address: 3rd Floor, JM Plaza, Concorde Galleria Street. Verdun - Beirut, Lebanon.

4 // Christian Abouhaidar


Quick Bio: "Christian Abouhaidar rose quickly to become a highly sought after make-up artist in Lebanon, progressing to the whole Middle East region. Hailing from Beirut, Abouhaidar transferred his boyhood passion for painting to becoming one of the most creative men in make-up. His style gained popularity through his work with Middle East publications, including Elle Orientele and L'Officiel Middle East." (Sourced from Christian Abouhaidar Website)

Contact Info: Mobile: +961 3 487 242 Email: Address: I Day Spa - Aishti 5th floor - El Moutrane Street, Downtown - Beirut, Lebanon.

5 // Roland Kassis


Quick Bio: "Graduating from Paris, Rolande Kassis, the certified MAC professional makeup artist in Toronto and San Francisco manages the main departments in the institute and is herself in charge of the Make Up, Skin Care and Tattoo departments, leaving her impeccable touch on over 200 women every month." (Sourced from Roland Kassis Website)

Contact Info: Mobile: 00961 4 520 580 Email: Address: 7th Floor, Cap 41 Bldg, Dbayeh Highway Facing ABC, Lebanon.

6 // Samer Khouzam


Quick Bio: "Samer (pronounced like Summer), also known as Sam to his friends, was born in a small village called Kfarhim in Lebanon, to a very traditional family. He is the youngest of the 4 children, having two older brothers and a sister. He studied graphic design at a University before realizing his passion for makeup artistry. He followed his dream and became a makeup artist without much support from his traditional family, and as he advanced as an artist he gained his family’s support and admiration." (Sourced from Geek in Stilettos)

Contact Info: Telephone: +961 1 788 790 / +961 3 547 776 Address: Institute Samer Khouzami - Verdun, Beirut.

7 // Talal Morcos


Quick Bio: "Talal Morcos Lebanese Make up Artist & Fashion Designer (Studied in Beirut in 1996). Talal worked as freelancer Make up Artist & Designer with International Lebanese Fashion Designers as Hanna Touma, Zuhair Mourad, Elie Feghali and Abed Mahfouz." (Sourced from Talal Morcos Facebook Page)

Contact Info: Telephone: +961 1 902 355 Mobile: +961 3 642 355 Email: Address: New Jdeideh - Selim Awad building - 2nd Floor, Beirut, Lebanon.

8 // Sara Hasan


Quick Bio: "Sara Hasan may have what many may consider as whimsical designs, but she is actually just one true Lebanese artist who uses a woman's face as her canvas and who does not allow herself to get tied down to any strict rule when it comes to applying makeup. Sara Hassan is an accomplished and Creative Makeup and Tattoo artist with experience in all aspects of media makeup: Fashion, Video, & Print. By being a perfectionist and giving attention to all of the details makes her the best. She customizes unique looks according to the client's needs, and different functions. Sara uses pro grade products to ensure the best results. She can produce anything from the no makeup look to creative avant-garde looks." (Sourced from Sara Hasan Website)

Contact Info: Mobile: + 961 71 202 353 Address: 60, Verdun Street - Nour El Hayat Bldg. - 2nd Floor , Beirut, Lebanon

9 // Mahmoud El Khatib

Screen shot 2014-09-16 at 10.06.12 PM

Quick Bio: "Mahmoud El Khatib, make up artist, began his career as a professional make up artist for many amateur shows as Najem el Noujoum and Super Star. His pattern in life is "Everything has its beauty, but not everyone sees it". Mahmoud captures a woman's beauty with his heart and illustrates it with his hands." (Sourced from Mahmoud El Khatib Website)

Contact Info: Mobile: +961 3 28 04 01 Telephone: +961 1 313 913 Email: Address: Abou Hachme bldg. 2nd Floor, Verdun - Beirut, Lebanon.

10 // Samer Breitaa


Quick Bio: "Samer Breitaa, is professional artist born with an exquisite vision of fashion & beauty. His affection to beauty art arouse from hair stylist to makeup & temporary makeup tattoo artist. He deserved efficiently, the title of Beauty image consultant of 208 in unanimity if the organizers of Miss Lebanon Beauty Pegenat, with no significant competition until his date." (Sourced from Samer Brietaa Website)

Contact Info: Telephone: +961 1 805 383 Mobile: +961 3 876 165 Address: Pace & Luce - Ain El Tineh, Beirut, Lebanon

11 // Roula Riachi


Quick Bio: "Roula Riachi began her career in 1993 as a make-up artist, right after she was awarded with her Diploma as specialist in beauty esthetics, getting in the first rank between her promotion's candidates in 1992. It was at this stage where she learned her passion for pampering people and gained her knowledge of skin care, facials and extended beauty." (Sourced from Roula Riachi's Website)

Contact Info: Mobile: +961 3 300254 Email:

12 // Patricia Riga


Quick Bio: Patricia is a make up and tattoo artist available in Beirut.

Contact Info: Telephone: +961 1 513 113 Mobile: +961 3 367 814 Email: Address: 2nd floor -Al Rifai Bldg - Mkalles, Beirut, Lebanon

13 // Fabienne Khoury


Quick Bio: "Fabienne Khoury, an expert in the field of make up and fashion, has recently shot to stardom when she was the official make up artist for the Miss Europe 2002-2003 contest. Fabienne, which has over 10 diplomas ranging from interior design to fashion design from, esteemed institutions both locally and abroad." (Sourced from Fabienne Khoury Facebook Page)

Contact Info: Mobile: +961 3 730 585, +961 3 714 730 Email: Address: Yehia & Zakaria Salon - Rashid Karameh Street - Shad Building, Verdun.

14 // Roula Karam


Quick Bio: Roula studied the art of makeup In Beirut and France she has a unique European touch, she also has a BA in Psychology. Her makeup highlights the character of each individual as she manages to reveal their true personality. (Sourced from Roula Karam Facebook Page)

Contact Info: Mobile: 03 099 326 Email: Address: Monot Street, Achrafieh, Beirut, Lebanon.

These next three names are super popular and have been around for a long while. They don't seem to have websites or pages online, but here is their contact information.

15 // Ahmad Kobeissi

Contact Info: Telephone: +961 1 807 908 Address: Verdun

16 // Said Wehbe

Contact Info: Telephone: +961-4-720607 Mobile: + 961-3-620422 Address: Verdun

17 // Fatin Abyad

Contact Info: Telephone: +961-1-787757 Address: Verdun

Did we miss out on anyone who you know is excellent? Add their name in the comments below!


  • Liliane Karaki

    colette iskandar is excellent! and Jihane Raidy !

    • Raghunter

      Thank you so much, we will add them!

      • Lebanese

        Hello Serene,

        I just wanted to know why “17” popular makeup artists and why the names of other talented makeup artists are not listed? on what criteria your top 17 was based?

        maya yammine for instance… she’s gifted, reputable and very well known in Lebanon and the arab world…

        Not mentioning her in the first top 5 makeup artists in Leb is really a serious mistake… I suggest you edit and correct your post…

        she worked for years and still works actually with many pple that are constantly in the public spotlight, including those that work in television as well as modeling, acting, music and photography…

        Check her page on fb and her insta and u’ll know what am talking about…


        • Raghunter

          Hello Lebanese,

          That’s for you comment, we really appreciate your input! I’m Serene commenting on behalf of Raghunter.

          We will add Maya Yammine and all the other names that were contributed in the comments, as I promised the others as well.

          The title of the article was 17 Popular make up artists and not the Top artists :) As I wrote in the intro, the list was compiled by asking close friends for their recommendations, and I specifically wrote that the list was in no particular order.

          We are going to publish an updated article with all the names added.

          If you think of anyone else please let us know as well!

          Thanks and we always appreciate your feedback and input.


          • Lebanese

            Thank you :)

  • Liliane Karaki


    • Raghunter

      Thank you Liliane! We will add him soon.

  • Somaya AlThani

    I love hala ajam. she is my favorite.

    • Raghunter

      We love her too <3

  • Julien Khoury

    when i wanted to learn makeup, i only though of Hala Ajam.
    her blog is amazing.

  • Noha Ezz

    Maya yammine is amazing

  • make way

    Where is make up by fifo?

  • Lea Khalil Yammine

    Rolande did my wedding day make up!!!!! It was absolutely flawless and the best part is… it was perfectly natural :)))

  • Sarah

    Rolande kassis is a rising star in the world of beauticians combining both technique and talent. She has a unique style of preserving the identity of her clients while putting this classy touch so you look at yourself in the mirror and you are still yourself , even when you remove your make-up you can still be recognizable, something missing nowadays since all women look alike and over painted!

  • micha aouad

    i love Rolande Kassis! she is my favorite! And the most natural make up artist in lebanon!

  • May Hanna

    Rolande kassis is beyond talented… she is a gifted artist with a very beautiful soul ! love you rolande kassis

  • Tracy

    Rolande Kassis is the best make up artist in Lebanon and the most professional skin beauty care..her products her style her beautiful salon makes it at the top of the list! She did my wedding make-up and facial treatment and had the flawless skin ever!!

  • Sandy

    & Rana Harcoos is one of the best as well!

    • Adelle Habre

      Patrick Chalhoub is the youngest and most talented make up artist and hair stylist. ..

  • Chris Salloum

    Sharbel hasbany is a great rising talented make-up artist … with smooth european and artistic touch go should check him

    • Raghunter

      Thank you Chris, we will add him in our updated list!

  • remie abi khalil

    Patrick Chalhoub is great rising talented makeup artist
    familiar with star makeups and video, tv shows….
    Address: Patrick’s beauty Lounge -Mar roukouz Hazmiyeh .
    You should add him to the list his work is incredible My favorite.

    • Adelle Habre

      Patrick Chalhoub is the youngest and most talented make up artist and hair stylist in Lebanon…

    • Marc Barakat

      I agree, Patrick Chalhoub has proven himself to be at the top of the list of artists.

    • Anna Haber Bou Faysal

      Patrick Chalhoub is the most talented make up artist and hair stylist in Lebanon… Good Luck

    • Guest

      Hello Remie, see the updated list here:

  • Hanan

    Riwa Beydoun is one of the rising stars also amongst Makeup Professionals , check out her work on Facebook :)

    • Raghunter

      Thank you Hanan! We will add her to our updated list :)

  • jessica chalhoub

    Patrick Chalhoub at Patrick’ s beauty lounge the best make up artist! You should add him to the list and see his work

    • Raghunter

      Thanks Jessica we will add him to our updated list!

  • Adelle Habre

    Patrick Chalhoub should be added to the most talented make up artist in Lebanon. ..

    • Raghunter

      Thank you Adelle! We will definitely add him to our updated list :)

  • Maroun-Rita Abi Kalil

    Patrick chalhoub Du bist der beste

    • Raghunter

      Hello Maroun, thank you we will add him!

  • Micheline Abou Abdo

    you can see by looking through his pictures that he’s an amazing makeup artist as well!…

    • Raghunter

      Hello Micheline, thank you we will definitely add him :)

  • Christelle Kachouh

    Helloo I just want to tell you that u’ve got to know PATRICK CHALHOUB… he has done my engagement make up and soon he will do my wedding make up. He is talented creative and a gifted artist! When u will know him u’re gonna sure add him to this list!

    • Raghunter

      Hello Christelle, thank you we will add him!

  • Raffi Ramah

    Patrick Chalhoub is a talented make up artist And should be added to the list , cos he deserves ….

    • Raghunter

      Hello Raffi thanks a lot we will add him

  • Josiane Nohra Beyrouti

    Patrick chalhoub is a talented make up artist u should add him.his number is:70023500

    • Raghunter

      Thanks Josiane, we will add him!

  • sandra.S

    PATRICK CHALHOUB is beyond talented.. He’s a successful makeup artist and also a lovely person.. I love his work.. ” His Art is deep ” Like his page on facebook : ( Patrick CH Professional makeup-artist and and trainer ) u’ll see the best makeup and hair” You Should add him to the list.

    • Raghunter

      Hello Sandra, thank you we will definitely add him!

  • Josiane Nohra Beyrouti

    Rita berkachi is a great make up artist, her work is a piece of art.u can contact her on this number03879644

    • Raghunter

      Hello Josiane, amazing thank you we will add her

  • Justin Zougheib

    Patrick Chalhoub is very talented and professional make up artist . He is the best !

    • Raghunter

      Hello Justin, we will add him to our updated list!

  • helen soueidy

    Patrick chalhoub. Really deserve to be from the list of the top artist. He is a creative person. Has his special own style. He is the new challenge.

    • Raghunter

      Hello Helen, thank you we will add him to our updated list!

  • Chantal Estephane Karamanian

    Paul Constantinian is another excellent young celebrity makeup artist! He should be checked out by your team

    • Raghunter

      Hello Chantal thank you we will add him to our updated list!

  • Rania Sabra

    I nominate Patrick Chalhoub he is my preferable make-up artist; best experience ever! He deserves to be in the above list… Patrick all the best for u , your technique is astonishing!!!

    • Raghunter

      Hello Rani, thank you we will add him to our updated list!

  • Mariam Zadikian Jasser

    patrick chalhoub is the best make up artist and trainer add him to the list

    • Raghunter

      Hello Mariam thank you we will add him to our updated list!

  • Lebanese
    • Raghunter

      Wow thank you so much for this! We will definitely add her to our updated list.

  • charbel georgia habib

    I great , Patrick chalhoub you are the best ,gooooo

    • Raghunter

      Hello Charbel, thanks we will add him to our updated list!

  • Lebanese

    by Maya Yammine the best Make up & Tattoo artist

  • Sara Dia

    What about Taha! He is just amazing! I can’t believe you missed him out.

    • Raghunter

      Hey Sara, we will add him to our updated list….Taha what?

  • Raghunter

    Happy Monday everyone!

    We just posted a follow-up article, ‘8 More Popular Make-Up Artists in Lebanon’ that includes all the recommendations you wrote. Please check it out here:

    Enjoy, and look forward to always hearing back from you!

    The Raghunter Team

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